Police investigating PAP Community Foundation's website hacking

The PAP Community Foundation (PCF) website was down Thursday evening as a report surfaced that the site had been hacked. (Photo from Wendy Foo's Facebook page)

[UPDATE on 18 October: Adding comments from PCF and police on hacking]

Police confirmed on Friday that a report had been lodged regarding a hacking of the PAP Community Foundation's (PCF) website, adding that investigations are ongoing.

Earlier, a spokesperson for the PCF also reportedly confirmed the hacking.

The PCF website was down Thursday evening as a report surfaced that the site had been hacked.

According to The Real Singapore, the site was hacked by “The Messiah”, who is believed to be the same hacker who hacked into the website of City Harvest Church (CHC) co-founder Sun Ho last month.

The hacker previously revealed that he operates under the umbrella of hacking group "Anonymous Collective”.

Yahoo Singapore
tried accessing the site over a couple of hours on Thursday night, but it did not load.

However, The Real Singapore reported that “The Messiah” left a message on the site, explaining the hacking was motivated by anger over the case of a nine-month-old baby who suffered second-degree burns while in the care of a PCF infant care centre.

The hacker said he could not accept “any form of child/animal abuse or mishandling”, adding he is “very unhappy” with PCF.

He also boasted that it only took him nine minutes to hack into PCF’s website.

However, “The Messiah” did not do as much damage as he did previously on Ho’s website.

“Usually we would have destroyed your servers and everything on it (ask Sun Ho) but based on circumstances, we decided to give you the benefit of the doubt that accidents do happen. But that in no way takes any blame off you,” said “The Messiah” in a message left on the hacked website.

He ended off though with a threat that proper investigations be carried out regarding the incident or worse would happen.

Last week, it was reported that a six-month-old baby suffered second-degree burns at the hands of a caregiver at Little Wings childcare centre in Boon Lay.

The Ministry of Social and Family development (MSF) and police said they were informed of the scalding incident and were investigating.

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