Paris Hilton Wore a Prosthetic Pregnancy Belly While Actual Babies Were Being Grown by Surrogates

In her new memoir, hotel heiress Paris Hilton revealed that she had a — how shall we put this? — peculiar way of handling having babies via surrogates.

"I wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnant, so I bought a prosthetic stomach and wore it around the house for the day," Hilton wrote in her forthcoming book, "Paris: The Memoir," which Today got a preview of. "I know that sounds crazy, but I wanted it to feel real — even in just this small way."

Last year, the celebrity scion and her husband, Carter Reum, had not one but two babies via separate surrogates — Phoenix, a boy, in January 2023, and his little sister London that November.

Because she wanted a "girl and a boy, born separately but at the same time, so they'd grow up as twins," Hilton and Reum chose to have separate surrogates to lessen the risks posed by implanting multiple embryos. Clearly the scheme worked, and the "angel surrogates" who carried the heiress' kids managed to carry the babies to term within the same year.

"All those months of injections and the crazy-making hormones — it was all worth it," Hilton said.

As she revealed in an interview with Romper last year, the 43-year-old starlet elected not to carry her own children due to sexual and medical trauma she experienced when she was sent away to a notorious boarding school in Utah.

"I just have so much [post-traumatic stress disorder] from what I went through as a teenager," she told the outlet. "If I’m in a doctor’s office, I get a shot, anything, I will literally have a panic attack and I can’t breathe. I just knew that would not be healthy for me or the baby, growing inside of someone who has such high anxiety.”

Although she wasn't carrying the babies herself, the "Simple Life" star clearly felt close to the process and wanted to experience it, too.

"I felt kinda pregnant," Hilton wrote. "I felt so full of joy and possibilities and new life."

So she got a prosthetic baby bump and enjoyed "feeling that weight on the front of me, running my hands over it, envisioning a whole life in front of us."

Ultimately, Hilton realized it was kind of "silly" to wear a fake baby bump — but that didn't diminish the intensity of the experience that led to her bundles of joy.

"It didn't matter that no one else could see that I was expecting," she wrote in the memoir."My emotional baby bump was real, it was precious, and I was so completely happy to know it was exactly where it needed to be, growing warmer and bigger every day."

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