Park Ji-sung's father talks about relationship

19 Jul - Despite Bae Doo-na's agency already explained and denied the rumoured relationship between Park Ji-sung and the actress, it was revealed that the newly QPR footballer's father has decided to give his two cents about the gossip.

According to Kpopstarz website, on 15 July, Park Sung-jong stated, "I talked to Ji-sung on the phone and he just laughed and said they don't even know each other."

The footballer's father added that Park Ji-sung laughed it off and said that such scandals happen all the time.

Park continued, "There are only three to four Korean restaurants that are known in London. If you go there during dinner time, you are guaranteed to meet at least one or two Korean celebrities. A while ago, Ji-sung was eating dinner there and ran into singer Lee Hyo-ri. A rumour then sparked about a romantic relationship between the two."

With Park Ji-sung recently leaving Manchester United and joining London's Queens Park Rangers, Park Sung-jong worried that such scandals will keep on popping up.

The man was also strictly against his son marrying a celebrity, stating, "If he marries a celebrity, you can basically see that our family is in ruins. I'm not insulting celebrities as there are many of them with good qualities. But I don't think celebrity is a good career to be the supporter of Ji-sung and his sports career."