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Jake Fischer and Dan Devine react to the trade that sent Pascal Siakam from the Raptors to the Pacers, wonder what Bruce Brown’s trade market is and hand out some NBA midseason awards.

On this episode of No Cap Room, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine discuss the impact that Golden State Warriors assistant coach Dejan Milojević had around the league as a way of remembering him after he passed away this week.

Moving on to basketball news, the Toronto Raptors dealt Pascal Siakam to the Indiana Pacers for a package that included Bruce Brown and three 1st round draft picks. Jake explains why those draft picks may not be as valuable as people think before the guys discuss if the Raptors could be looking to flip Brown for even more draft assets in return. Would he fit best with the Knicks? The Heat? Somewhere else?

Finally, we’re at about the halfway point of the NBA season, so Jake and Dan tell you who they would be voting for if the season ended today. Has Wembanyama done enough to get Rookie of the Year votes? Which Tyrese should be winning Most Improved Player? And is there a fresh face in the running for this season’s Most Valuable Player award? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

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