Patrick Mahomes says he’s worn the same pair of underwear every game day for entire NFL career

Kim Kardashian may have been onto something when she tapped Patrick Mahomes to be part of her expanding SKIMS empire: the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback revealed that he has worn the same pair of red underwear on game days during his entire professional football career.

Mahomes, 28, came clean about his lucky undies while commentating on ESPN’s ManningCast with Peyton and Eli Manning Monday night.

“First, my wife Brittany got them for me, so I’m not throwing y’all down, but I have to wear them,” he shared when asked about the superstition former Chiefs player Chad Henne disclosed earlier this year. “At the same time, I threw them on that first season, we had a pretty good season that season.”

“I only wear ’em for game day, though,” the Super Bowl 2023 champ continued, noting “they’re not too worn down” or “nasty.”

“I clean ’em. I wash ’em. Every once in a while, at least,” he joked. “I mean, if we’re on a hot streak, I can’t wash ’em, you know? I’ve gotta just keep it rolling.”

The Kansas City Royals part owner added: “As long as I’m winning football games, I’ll keep the superstition going.”

Last week, Mahomes, his wife and children kicked off a 2023 holiday campaign for Kardashian’s wildly popular underwear and loungewear brand.

“This is our first campaign as a family, and shooting for SKIMS all together was an awesome moment,” the two-time NFL MVP said in the SKIMS announcement. “I’m all about comfort and these sets will be my go-to at home all season.”