Paul Simon's 4 Children: All About Harper, Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel

Paul Simon welcomed his first child in 1972

<p>Judie Burstein/Globe Photos/ZUMA Press/Alamy</p> Paul Simon and his son, Harper

Judie Burstein/Globe Photos/ZUMA Press/Alamy

Paul Simon and his son, Harper

Paul Simon is the father to four adult children: Harper, Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel.

The legendary singer-songwriter has been married three times and had kids with his first and third wives. In 1969, he married his first wife, Peggy Harper, with whom he welcomed his son Harper. The two got a divorce in 1975, and the singer was then in a relationship with (and briefly married to) actress Carrie Fisher for about 12 years.

In 1992, Paul married his third wife, Edie Brickell, and they had their first child together, Adrian, that same year. Paul and Brickell had two more kids: Lulu and Gabriel.

While Paul rarely posts about his kids on social media or speaks about them in interviews, each member of the Simon clan has made a name for themselves.

And since their dad announced he has hearing loss in his left ear, they might just be the ones stepping into the spotlight. “My generation’s time is up,” he told The Times in May 2023.

Here’s everything to know about Paul Simon’s four children: Harper, Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel Simon.

Harper James Simon, 51

<p>WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy </p> Harper Simon outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the 'Late Show With David Letterman' in 2009

WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy

Harper Simon outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the 'Late Show With David Letterman' in 2009

Harper James Simon was born on Sept. 7, 1972, to Paul and his first wife, Peggy. Harper followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in music as a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. After high school, he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston — though he dropped out after two years.

Harper began playing in New York City clubs before moving to England to play in the band Menlo Park. In 2010, he released his self-titled solo album, which garnered some comparisons to his dad.

In March 2013, he released a second album, Division Street. Harper told The Hollywood Reporter that he had worked on a number of projects prior to his first album. “I didn’t gain the confidence to put myself out there in the world as a solo artist under my own name,” he said. “I felt more comfortable being in a supportive role or behind the scenes.”

Harper is also a journalist, with his work appearing in publications like Spin magazine, the Los Angeles Review of Books and Purple. He has done interviews with cultural figures, like artist Tracey Emin and philosopher Jaron Lanier.

When Harper was 5 years old, his dad Paul began dating Carrie Fisher. They married in 1983 and divorced in 1984, and the couple dated on and off for several more years, with Fisher helping raise Harper.

In 2010, Harper told HuffPost that Fisher had co-written his song “The Shine,” which appeared on his debut album. “She wrote all of these stanzas,” he said, calling her style “stream of consciousness.” He said his dad helped with some of the lyrics as well.

Harper published a book, Meditations on Crime, in 2023. He keeps his personal life very private and doesn’t appear to have social media accounts.

Adrian Edward Simon, 31

<p>Lulu Simon Instagram</p> Adrian Simon, Lulu Simon, and Gabriel Simon

Lulu Simon Instagram

Adrian Simon, Lulu Simon, and Gabriel Simon

Paul married his third wife, Edie Brickell, in May 1992, and they welcomed their first child together that same year. Adrian Edward Simon was born in New York City on Dec. 28, 1992.

Adrian started his career in music at a very young age. He reportedly wrote his first song at just 9 years old, and at 10, he sang on Paul’s song “Father and Daughter” on The Wild Thornberrys Movie soundtrack. The song was nominated for an Academy Award.

In 2006, Adrian also joined his dad on the Surprise Tour, during which he sang and played the keyboard.

Adrian has pursued a solo career, first under the pseudonym Ade. He released his first album, Midnight Pizza, in 2021. In 2022, he released an EP called Junk in Orbit.

In an interview with Musomuso in 2021, Adrian cited Björk, Beck, the Backstreet Boys and Weezer, among others, as influences on his experimental sound. In August 2023, he announced in an Instagram post he would be retiring the stage name Ade.

Like his older brother, Adrian keeps his personal life to himself. He occasionally shares his work on Instagram.

Lulu Belle Simon, 29

<p>Lulu Simon Instagram</p> Lulu Belle Simon

Lulu Simon Instagram

Lulu Belle Simon

Paul and Brickell’s daughter Lulu Belle Simon was born in Manhattan in March 1995. Given that she grew up in such a musical family, it’s no surprise that Lulu is also a singer. She released her self-titled debut EP, Lulu Simon, in 2019.

She has been open about growing up with two iconic musicians as parents. “We used to make up songs as we were walking through Central Park, or in the bath,” she told PEOPLE in 2019. “We would always just write music.” She called her siblings and parents “inspiring,” saying they made her feel like she could make music too.

Lulu doesn’t just sing. She told PEOPLE that she started taking piano lessons at a young age and taught herself how to play guitar in middle school, around the same time she started writing her own songs.

“I literally used to go into my bathroom and turn the water on and play guitar and sing very quietly,” she said. “I wasn’t ready for people in my family to know that I was making music … because I wanted to be sure of what I was doing.”

Since 2019, Lulu has released three singles and another EP, Muscle Memory. In a 2022 interview with Beyond the Stage, she revealed she had written most of the songs on Muscle Memory by herself. She also said she had another EP in the works and cited Carly Rae Jepsen (“She is my queen,” she said), Kim Petras, the 1975, No Doubt, Queen and Taylor Swift as her musical inspirations.

On her Instagram page, Lulu has posted about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, food and time spent with friends. She also loves to travel and shares her vacation photos taken on a film camera.

Gabriel Elijah Simon, 26

<p>Lulu Simon Instagram</p> Gabriel Simon

Lulu Simon Instagram

Gabriel Simon

The youngest of the Simon siblings, Gabriel Elijah Simon, was born in May 1998. Gabriel attended Brown University and, like his siblings, is a musician.

In 2019, the Brown Daily Herald reported that he had released his debut album, Mr. Adrian Goes to Kihei, under the pseudonym Dogmanjones.

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