Payroll Hero ends 2012 with a bang as CyberPress IT startup of the year

Payroll Hero is on a roll. After being chosen as the 2012 Judges’ Choice at the 2012 Echelon satellite in Manila, the team has added another leaf to its laurels — the IT Startup of the Year by the IT Journalists Association of the Philippines.

Also known as CyberPress, the local journalist group granted its 2012 awards at a ceremony a few weeks back. It’s interesting to note how diverse the selections are. Samsung is, of course, an established device manufacturing firm. Project Noah is a government-led weather-tracking system. The Cybercrime Prevention Act is a controversial piece of legislation. Meanwhile, Dado Banatao is an industry veteran known for his involvement in encouraging entrepreneurs and startups in the country.

  • I.T. Company Of The Year – Samsung Philippines

  • I.T. Product Of The Year – DOST’s Project Noah

  • I.T. Startup Of The Year –

  • I.T. Story Of The Year – Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

  • Lifetime Achievement Awardee – Diosdado “Dado” Banatao

Payroll Hero is, itself, an interesting startup to watch, because of its goals and its means of achieving the same. At first glance, Payroll Hero’s use of biometrics and mobile devices to track employee attendance may already seem commonplace in the enterprise setting. But going beyond hours worked and money earned, Payroll Hero also attempts to demystify common productivity-related concerns, such as how upcoming holidays, mood and social connections affect productivity.

Payroll Hero uses employees face as primary biometric to avoid bundy punching and ghost employees. These clock-in pics are further given a mood rating to establish an array of business intelligence to companies corollaries between productivity and mood.”

In April, judges picked the startup as the “ Hero at Philippines Satellite 2012 .” Later that month, the team also won at the ON3 pitching competition in Taguig. More recently, Payroll Hero also received additionoal accolades as Judges Choice at the Startup Riot in Seattle and as an attendee to 48 Hours in the Valley by the C100. The team was also chosen to be part of the JFDI incubation program in Singapore, but had to decline due to logistical concerns.

For 2013, Payroll Hero continues to be the Man of Steel for the thousands of employees able to optimize their work productivity with happiness.

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