People Are Sharing What Happened To Their High School Classmates Who Were Voted Most Likely To Succeed, And It's So Surprising

Ahh, high school. Maybe your high school years were the glory days, or perhaps you graduated and never looked back. In any case, it can be fascinating to hear about where all our fellow classmates ended up. So Redditor u/I_Have_No_Name_00 asked, "Whatever happened to that student voted 'Most Likely To Succeed'?" Here's how people responded, including some members of the BuzzFeed Community.

1."She went on to become a neurologist and ended up consulting on my dad's dementia. She was always kind and caring, and I was glad to know my dad was in good hands."

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2."He studied law and interned at a pretty prestigious law firm. He was offered a contract before he even finished his degree. Became the youngest non-equity partner in the firm's history. Became the youngest equity partner in the firm's history. Then, he was convinced they gave him too many days off a week to do pro-bono/charity lawyer stuff. He married his college girlfriend, had two kids, and still makes time to meet up with friends, and has never once boasted about his success. If you ever needed help with anything, he'd do everything he could. And to top it all off, the guy can still absolutely dominate the football pitch at 46 years old."


3."He got a scholarship to a prestigious British university, burned out, moved to New Zealand where he does something fairly lowkey, and as I understand it, he is quite happy at last."

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4."I just looked him up, and it seems like he's a big-time lawyer in NYC. I'm glad to know he's doing well. He was always such a sweet kid who came from humble beginnings. His mom was our lunch lady and so sweet, too!"


5."She went to Yale and is now a psychiatrist specializing in providing care to low-income communities. She was the nicest person in the whole school, and I'm so glad her life has gone so well. Perfect grades, played every sport, lead in every school play — everything you love to hate, but you couldn't hate her."

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6."He got 25 to life for drug trafficking. He was really successful at it, though...until he got caught."


7."We had two, and they both got perfect SAT scores. One went to Yale, the other to Harvard, and they both have what look like the most generic big-money jobs in finance."

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8."We had two. One went to school for music, got his doctorate, and is now his department’s chair. The other is a registered sex offender."


9."She was offered a ridiculously high-paying job before she even finished college. She has a huge house, luxury cars, and a good-looking husband who worships her. So...I feel like it worked out for her."

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10."He grew up and became extremely attractive; he was the kid in class with glasses and braces and weighed 90 pounds soaking wet. Went to MIT and Harvard, married a beautiful woman, and now is an executive director at J.P. Morgan in Asia. Nicest guy in the world whose family were refugees and went through many struggles. He 100% deserves everything good in his life."


11."She succeeded. She was a track athlete and an incredible student. She's currently at Harvard and is likely on her way to compete in the Olympics in 2028."

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12."He developed a rare medical disorder that causes him to have intense discomfort throughout his body, and he expects to have a shortened lifespan. Despite this, he continues to be a smart, creative individual who is pursuing his passion as a screenwriter."


13."He's a world-famous musician who is married to a supermodel. His name is John Stevens — also known as John Legend. He was senior class president and had perfect attendance all 13 years of school, from kindergarten through his senior year."

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14."He succeeded. He got a full ride to Stanford, graduated with a master's in chemical engineering, got paid outrageously for a lot of hush-hush work for about ten years, and retained about seven patents being used by a lot of manufacturing. He retired in his late 30s and looked to just surf all over the world and do philanthropic things. Nice guy and incredibly intelligent."


15."I saw his parents at a community event in the summer of 2023; they said that he went to MIT and flunked out by his junior year, then moved to an off-grid farm in Colorado and is living in a zero waste community."

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16."They were twins and would get perfect or almost perfect grades in every subject. Did a ton of volunteer hours, too. They both got accepted into Cambridge University's medical program. I think only five or ten applicants from all over Canada were accepted. One's a neurosurgeon, and the other's a cardiologist now."


17."I saw him at our high school reunion last year. He was still cocky as ever, but I can't deny he's a nice guy. He works for NASA now. He drove his Tesla back to our small ass town, and he looked like a fish out of water. It was hilarious. And I guess he's rich enough since he bought $700 worth of alcohol for our after-party."

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18."He's an engineer at Google. The runner-up, however, is an extreme right-wing religious nut who doesn't believe in evolution. She went to Harvard for undergrad and then went to Harvard Law 🙃."


19."She married the (now) second richest man in the world. Divorced him and is now the fourth richest human. Not bad."

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So, what happened to the student voted "most likely to succeed" from your high school? Where did they end up? Tell us in the comments or through this anonymous form.