‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 Cast Members Dominique Defoe, Brittan Byrd Say Their Queer Storyline Was Cut

“Perfect Match” Season 2 cast members Dominique Defoe and Brittan Byrd have accused Netflix of editing out their queer romance from the show.

Defoe and Byrd, who both identify as bisexual and appeared on different seasons of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle,” said on social media that they matched during a “Perfect Match” mixer, which took place during Episode 9, but their conversation did not make the final cut.

“We matched at the party, immediately had to leave and weren’t aired for the second dating show in a row,” Defoe wrote on TikTok, also referencing her and Byrd’s lack of screen time during their respective seasons on “Too Hot to Handle.”

In response to a social media comment asking Defoe why viewers didn’t see that Defoe and Byrd matched at the party, Defoe responded that Netflix “cut it,” adding that “boys were lined up to talk to us and we were literally just making out.”

While the pair did indeed kiss during a challenge, which was edited out, an individual close to production tells TheWrap that the pair never officially matched.

In the TikTok video, which Defoe captioned “existential crises of girls on straight dating shows,” Defoe and Byrd expressed feeling invisible on “Perfect Match,” saying they’re convinced they “don’t exist” and are instead “figments of people’s imaginations.”

They filmed the TikTok video the day after the pair went to a “Perfect Match” event earlier this week, recalling that Defoe had told Byrd at the party that the two of them “only exist[ed] to each other.”

Defoe expressed a similar concern for parts of her storyline on “Perfect Match” getting cut when the first batch of the season was released in early June, specifically noting that conversations with her match, Bryton Constantin, were cut. While the show spotlights arguments between Defoe and Constantin on subjects like yoga or the challenge in the show, Defoe revealed in a TikTok video that their arguments were a result of Constantin using “hateful rhetoric” while she stood up for “entire groups of people.”

Defoe was among one of the initial batch of contestants in the “Perfect Match” house, while Byrd was brought in later to mingle with matched-up participants. The Episode 9 mixer brought together the couples in the house, as well as singles that were not currently matched up, leading to Defoe and Byrd’s alleged match up.

The finale of “Perfect Match” premieres Friday, June 21 on Netflix.

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