“Perfect Match” Season 2: How the Netflix Series Ended and Which Couples Are Still Together

Five couples made it to the finale, including Chris and Tolú, Alara and Stevan, Micah and Kaz, Elys and Bryton, and Christine and Nigel — but did any of them last after filming wrapped?

<p>Netflix</p> The cast of


The cast of 'Perfect Match' season 2

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Perfect Match season 2 finale.

The sun has set on another season of Perfect Match.

On Friday, June 21, Netflix dropped the season 2 finale of the dating series. Hosted by Nick Lachey, the show features singles from the streamer's most popular reality shows, including Too Hot to HandleLove Is BlindDated and Related, and The Circle, as they couple up and test a potential love spark through compatibility challenges. Winners are granted the opportunity to bring in new singles to shake up the competition, and in the end, only one couple can be crowned the “Perfect Match.”

Out of the 25 contestants, only five couples made it to the finale: Chris Hahn (Dated and Related) and Tolú Ekundare (The Trust), Alara Taneri (Dated and Related) and Stevan Ditter (Too Hot to Handle), Micah Lussier (Love Is Blind) and Kaz Bishop (Dated and Related), Elys Hutchinson (Too Hot to Handle) and Bryton Constantin (Squid Game: The Challenge), and Christine Obanor (Too Hot to Handle) and Nigel Euro (Too Hot to Handle).

Season 2 fan favorites Jessica Vestal (Love Is Blind) and Harry Jowsey (Too Hot to Handle) broke up right before the finale, while the rest of the cast returned to participate in the final vote.

Below, PEOPLE breaks down who won Perfect Match season 2, what unfolded in the finale, and which couples are still together today.

<p>netflix</p> Nick Lachey on 'Perfect Match' season 2


Nick Lachey on 'Perfect Match' season 2

Christine and Nigel

Though they weren't paired for long, Christine Obanor and Nigel Euro managed to claim the title of the "Perfect Match" for season 2.

Before their coupling, Christine had been matched up with Kaz Bishop, and previously made out with Nigel at a cast gathering during a game. In the finale, Christine was sent on a blind date with Nigel by Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare. The two hit it off while Kaz, seemingly panicking at the villa over their chemistry, went back to his first connection Micah Lussier, who he ended things with to pursue Christine. Hurt by Kaz's betrayal, Christine ended up picking Nigel as her match.

With Nigel and Christine's win, they were given an all-expenses-paid vacation to anywhere of their choosing. They ended up going to Thailand four weeks after filming wrapped and Christine raved about her new beau in the final minutes of the episode.

"Nigel is my person, he understands me. We vibe so well when we're with each other," she said. "I am so excited to finally have the man that I've manifested all my life."

Despite that, PEOPLE can confirm the two are no longer together.

<p>Getty(2)</p> Christine Obanor (left) and Nigel Euro


Christine Obanor (left) and Nigel Euro

Jessica and Harry

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey connected early on in season 2 and remained matched up until the finale when Jess finally called it quits on their relationship. She hit her breaking point after Harry admitted to flirting and acting inappropriately with their costar, Melinda Melrose, at the boys' day mixer.

"My intuition is telling me you want to be a certain type of person right now but right now, you're not," Jess told Harry after growing impatient with his actions and false words. "I have to stand on what I believe in and what's important to me. I do not want to match with you tonight."

It was eventually revealed — and confirmed in the season 2 finale – that Harry not only carried Melinda to the bathroom and flirted with her, but also secretly kissed her and lied about it to Jess.

Though Harry and Jess split in the finale, it was confirmed that they briefly rekindled their romance after the show but have since ended things for good.

"I felt like he really did want to change. I feel like he really had, I guess for lack of a better term, learned his lesson and he wanted something real," Jess tells PEOPLE. "It did not turn out how we thought it would, and there was a lot of promises and commitments that weren't upheld, but I gave him the kind of grace that I would've wanted someone to give to me."

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Harry Jowsey (left) and Jessica Vestal

Courtesy of Netflix

Harry Jowsey (left) and Jessica Vestal

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Micah and Kaz

Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop had perhaps the rockiest journey together on the show. Though they were a solid unit for most of season 2, they often found themselves having to prove their connection to their castmates. Micah also grew frustrated with Kaz when he appeared to entertain the idea of dating other women, including Too Hot to Handle's Holly Scarfone and Christine.

After he flirted with Holly and made out with Christine as part of a game in episode 9, Kaz and Micah got into a big argument that ended with Kaz matching with Christine and Micah pursuing Izzy Zapata. However, after Christine went on a blind date with Nigel, Kaz found his way back to Micah and the two rekindled their flame.

During the finale, Kaz was called out as the "biggest scammer" for bouncing around from woman to woman, but Micah stood loyally beside him and vowed to "move forward" together. Despite their intentions, the two did not win the competition and PEOPLE can confirm they broke up afterwards.

"I think a rollercoaster is a really good way to describe Kaz," Micah tells PEOPLE. "There was definitely a lot of moments that were probably seen that made it seem like there wasn't much substance. But behind closed doors, there was an actual, real relationship. There were many, many great memories that we share that I'm happy, and I do not regret. I just don't think that we were the right people for each other, and I don't think that he was in a space to be someone that I could have something real with. So, just not the right time."



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Alara and Stevan

From the minute Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter connected at the beginning of season 2, it was clear there was a strong connection. The two even tested their relationship by getting put on blind dates with other people, but always found their way back to each other.

So, it might have come as a surprise to fans when they didn't win the competition despite being one of the strongest couples in the villa all season.

"At the end of the day, I don't mind losing because I still feel so connected to Alara," Stevan said in the finale. "She just makes me the best version of me."

Sadly, the two have since gone their separate ways and are no longer together, PEOPLE can confirm.

When asked if his journey on the show went as expected, Stevan tells PEOPLE, "You can't expect anything just to be completely honest. You have to go in open mind, open perspective because it will never go the way that you think it's going to go on reality TV."

<p>netflix</p> Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri


Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri

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Chris and Tolú

An unlikely match at the start, Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare first developed their connection out of a friendship but it turned into something stronger throughout season 2. By the finale, the pair had overcome several obstacles, including testing their connection with other people, and appeared to be stronger than ever.

"When Chris came along, he made me feel really wanted and beautiful," Tolú said through her happy tears. "I feel like when you find someone who makes you feel like that, you've really found your person."

Sadly, those feelings did not last as PEOPLE can confirm the couple called things off after the show.

"I went in genuinely hoping to find love and establish a genuine connection. And it didn't pan out that way romantically for me, but I was able to establish really genuine connections with all the women in the house and build this really beautiful friendship and bond and sisterhood," Tolú tells PEOPLE. "So even though romantically it may not have been what I wanted, at the end of the day, the connections that I hoped to gain, I gained them in the girlies."

As for what she learned about love from this process Tolú says: "Know your worth and don't settle for anything less than that. Know your worth, and put tax on it. And don't let no man make you lower yourself to get down at his level. He needs to rise up to who you are. Period."

<p>Netflix</p> Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare


Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare

Elys and Bryton

Like Christine and Nigel, Elys Hutchinson and Bryton Constantin were a couple that matched up late in the game. For most of season 2, Elys had been matched up with Justin Assad, but broke his heart in episode 9 by deciding to pursue Bryton instead.

Their pairing came as somewhat of a surprise since Bryton was also talking to Micah, and she seemed fully committed to matching with him following her first split from Kaz.

Nick Lachey also revealed in the finale that Justin had opted to skip the full cast voting ceremony but did not elaborate on details. However, it appeared to be connected to his heartbreak over Elys.

Though Elys and Bryton had a strong connection, they did not win the competition and PEOPLE can confirm they are not together today.

<p>Elys Hutchinson/Instagram/Getty</p> Elys Hutchinson (left) and Bryton Constantin

Elys Hutchinson/Instagram/Getty

Elys Hutchinson (left) and Bryton Constantin

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