‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 Winners Revealed: Which Couple Claimed the Prize?

“Perfect Match” Season 2 has crowned its winning couple after a tumultuous season of romance and betrayal.

The finale of the Netflix competition series tallied up votes from all of its contestants, who selected which final five pairings they considered to be the most compatible. Winning by just one vote, the winners were named as Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones.

Obanor and Jones, who matched up after their date on Episode 10 won an all-expenses-paid vacation to keep deepening their connection. (No, they don’t receive any additional cash prize.) The finale revealed that the couple traveled to Thailand together.

The winners were a relatively new couple, as Episode 9 left off with Obanor pairing up with Kaz Bishop (“Dated & Related”), while Jones was single. It wasn’t until after their date in the finale that they coupled up and a romantic date on their final day on “Perfect Match.”

Nigel Jones and Christine Obanor on “Perfect Match” Season 2 (Netflix)

The four other couples in the running included Micah Lussier (“Love Is Blind”) and Bishop; Elys Hutchinson (“Too Hot to Handle”) and Bryton Constantin (“Squid Game: The Challenge”); Alara Taneri (“Dated & Related”) and Stevan Ditter (“Too Hot To Handle”) as well as Tolú Ekundare (“The Trust”) and Chris Hahn (“Dated & Related”).

While Harry Jowsey and Jess Vestal were considered a strong couple throughout the season — that is, after Jowsey broke up with Hutchinson to match with Vestal — they were not eligible to be crowned the “perfect match” after they parted ways at the start of Episode 10.

The finale wasn’t the end of the road for Jowsey and Vestal together, however, as a post-credit scene revealed they got back together a month after “Perfect Match” ended, with Vestal planning to move to Los Angeles to be with Jowsey. However, they broke up one week later, per the show’s final scene.

The winners of “Perfect Match” Season 1 were Dom Gabriel, who also appeared in Season 2, and Georgia Hassarati.

“Perfect Match” Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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