Peter Andre reveals if he has any plans to welcome a SIXTH child

Peter Andre is "pretty sure" that he has had his last child.

The 51-year-old singer has Junior, 18, and Princess, 16, from his previous marriage to Katie Price as well as Amelia, 10, and Theo, seven, with his wife Emily but after the couple welcomed baby Arabella into the world in April, he has admitted that he is probably done with having kids.

He told The Sun: "This time we’re pretty sure it’s going to be our last one.

"Well, never say never. I’m not 100 per cent, but I’m enjoying having time to bond with her."

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker - who shot to fame in the 1990s with his hit track and accompanying music video - admitted that he is enjoying having the chance to bond with the little one in a way he has never been able to with the others because of heavy work commitments and explained that his daughters have developed a "natural instinct" when it comes to their baby sibling.

He said: "I’ve not really had that chance before with the others because of work, so I’m grateful for how this has turned out. The girls seem to have a natural instinct when it comes to babies.

“But everyone wants time with her whenever they can. Junior goes to see her first thing.”

"It is beautiful madness.

"Emily gets less sleep than I do because she is breastfeeding, but I try to do the last feed and one of the early ones."

Peter recently admitted that even though the little one was almost two months old, he still hadn't learned to call her by her name.

Writing in his new! magazine column, he shared: "Arabella is now seven weeks old – where has the time gone? I still haven’t called Arabella by her name. I absolutely love it and she really suits it – but I still call her 'bubba'”.