Peter Crouch accidentally 'sexted' Abbey Clancy's mum

Peter Crouch has admitted he accidentally sent a saucy message to Abbey Clancy's mum credit:Bang Showbiz
Peter Crouch has admitted he accidentally sent a saucy message to Abbey Clancy's mum credit:Bang Showbiz

Peter Crouch was left red-faced when he accidentally "sexted" Abbey Clancy's mum.

The 43-year-old former footballer has admitted he sent a saucy message meant for his wife to his mother-in-law by mistake, confessing it was "highly embarrassing" when it happened during the early years of their relationship.

During an episode of their 'The Therapy Crouch' podcast, the couple answered a question from a listener who asked: "Hey have you guys ever texted a person you were actually talking about by mistake, and how did you fix it?"

Abbey revealed she had taken a screenshot of a text and accidentally sent it back to to the person who shared the initial message, saying: "Someone texted me and I screenshot it. I was meant to send it to someone else but sent it back to them."

Her husband then weighed in with a much more cringe-worthy text error - revealing he sent a beaver emoji to Abbey's mum by mistake.

Peter explained: "Yeah I've done it before. Do you remember when I sent your mum a sexual message? That was horrendous".

Abbey replied: "He was sexting my mum!"

The former sports star then added: "The beaver emoji sent straight to her mum, that was highly embarrassing wasn't it? That was early on [in our relationship] as well ... Let's move on. I was meant to text you, but I text your mum".

It comes after Abbey previously admitted her dad went "ballistic" when he found out she was dating Peter.

The 37-year-old model first met him back in 2006 when he was playing for Liverpool F.C. and she's admitted she kept news about their blossoming romance secret from her family until they had been out a few times and says her dad had a meltdown when he found out.

Speaking on a previous episode of the podcast, Abbey explained: "I don't know why I was being so secretive. I think because I was so young and I was embarrassed to tell my mum I was going on a date.

"My dad is the biggest Liverpool fan on Earth, but I remember telling them when we had a few dates and he went ballistic. He was like, 'I can't believe you are going out with a football player. It is such a bad look'.''

The couple - who married in 2011 and became parents to four children - met at a birthday party in Liverpool which was held close to the restaurant where Abbey was working as a waitress - and Peter admits she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He said of their first meeting: "Ab came over to me. It was insane. I couldn't pull a hamstring in London. I went up to Liverpool and then you came over and I was like: 'Wow - this place is incredible'.

"You came over, and this sounds corny, but I have never seen a more beautiful girl in my life. I always remember your eyes. Your mum has got them as well. They're incredible."