Petition for info on popular Ayer Rajah cat who died with horrific wounds

Over 4,000 signatures gathered in hopes of finding answers to cat's death following its disappearance from usual blocks

Mackie, a community cat in Ayer Rajah (Photos: Samantha Seah/Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats Facebook)
Mackie, a community cat in Ayer Rajah (Photos: Samantha Seah/Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats Facebook)

SINGAPORE - An online petition set up to seek witnesses to the death of a beloved community cat in Ayer Rajah has gathered nearly 4,000 signatures since January.

The 12-year-old male cat, named Mackie, was put down on 25 January - the same day he was picked up for medical attention by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) - after being found with multiple infected wounds at the void deck of Block 610 Clementi West Street 1.

Over 70 per cent of his body were infested with maggots, and the wounds carried a high risk of life-threatening sepsis. The cat was also almost completely blind and frozen in a spot with no ability to move.

Supporters, including Mackie's feeders and carers, were shattered by his death and are seeking answers to why and what happened to the well-like cat, which went by other names such as Kiffie, Larry, Duckie, McKiffie Laduck or NiamNiam Feifei on interest group Cats of SG.

Timeline of known events

Mackie first went missing on 19 January just before the Chinese New Year long weekend around the vicinity of 73 and 73B Ayer Rajah Crescent. A search was conducted for weeks through various parks and posters as well as on social media.

When he was later discovered sometime between 21 to 24 January, he was some 6 kilometres away from his home. He was identified by feeders and carers on 20 February after visual confirmation from the SPCA.

Reports have been made with relevant authorities, in hopes to find vital security CCTV footage around the areas where Mackie was last seen and found.

A memorial has also been set up for the cat. Animal lover Jay Tee commented, "Gone too soon, and in the worst way possible. He was a mainstay in the area. We’d pet him on the way back to the officer after lunch, we’d pet him on the way home. More often than not, we’d find him sleeping under the letter boxes or munching on kibble just by the bushes.

"He will be dearly missed."

The Animal & Veterinary Service team at the National Parks Board said it is aware of the incident. Witnesses with any information may contact the petition group at

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