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Song Saa Private Island – Cambodia (Slide 1 of 3)

When Rory and Melita Hunter purchased these two tiny islands off the coast of Southern Cambodia in 2006, they found marine life in grave danger, trash in the water, and reefs that had been damaged and desperately overfished. They hired marine experts and spent more than half a decade restoring the landscape, and the land and surrounding waters were designated the country’s first marine park.

The 27-villa eco-resort opened in 2012, and each guest lives in utter luxury at Song Saa, from stunning rooms with dark woods and feather beds to personal infinity pools and private beaches to 24-hour haute cuisine dining options (full disclosure: we received a comped room here to see the resort). With the tagline of “luxury that treads lightly,” Song Saa brings you these high-end amenities at a much lower carbon footprint. They also offer guests a chance to give back. The Boat of Hope journeys will take guests to volunteer at one of the neighboring Cambodian fishing villages, and the resort will refund a portion of the room rate for your effort.

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Stunning photos of private islands for rent (some are even affordable)

What if we told you that you could rent an entire island for less per night than the cost of a medium-rare steak in Manhattan? What if we told you that one of the most beautiful resorts in the world is located off the coast of Cambodia … and that you and your 65 closest friends could have it to yourselves for a week – with a promise of personal infinity pools at every villa? Were you also aware that you can see the northern lights and orcas in the same day from a lighthouse in Norway, with no one around for miles?

Private island rental is not out of reach for most budgets, if you know where to look. There are entire companies that act as umbrella companies for a range of private island rentals.

Yahoo Travel decided to round up these favorites among the world’s private island rental pool. Some of them are definitely for CEO budgets only, but others are more affordable. If these atoll getaways don’t make you want to travel … nothing will. | By Jenny Adams, Yahoo Travel