Pizza Hut Japan releases ramen pizza


Pizza Hut Japan has teamed up with ramen chain Tenkaippin to create a limited-edition ramen pizza.

What's in it: The Kotteri-fuu (“thick-style”) Ramen Pizza comes with toppings such as chashu pork, noodles and green onions on a crispy dough. It also pairs a sauce version of Tenkaippin’s signature “kotteri” broth with two types of Pizza Hut's special cheeses in order to create a well-balanced flavor. An extra sachet of the sauce is available for customers to add more "soup" to their pizza.

Beyond imagination: Pizza Hut Japan says it took them half a year to perfect the new pizza, which was conceived from their TikTok initiative that carries the slogan "Always more than you can imagine." This is the third pizza created for the project after the “Too Much Coriander” pizza in March 2023 and the "Wiener x Coffee x Whipped Cream" pizza in May 2023.

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Limited-time offer: The Kotteri-fuu Ramen Pizza is available at Pizza Hut Japan stores from Jan. 22 to Feb. 12. It comes in medium size for 1,980 yen ($13) for pick up or 2,230 yen ($15) for delivery.

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