PKR rep says it was a joke when he spoke about telling lies to win elections in Saratok

Sulok Tawie
PKR’s Krian State Assemblyman Ali Biju said he was joking when he mentioned ‘enti enda menang, enda menang’ during an election in Saratok. — Picture by Hari Anggara

KUCHING, Nov 8 ― PKR’s Krian State Assemblyman Ali Biju clarified in the Sarawak State Assembly today that he was only joking when he spoke about telling lies to win in an election in Saratok recently.

“Actually, this one ― (in Iban) enti enda bula, enda menang (if you don’t lie, you don’t win) is my joke,” he said during the debate on the state Budget 2020 tabled by Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari on October 4.

“Who would want to admit that they tell lies, in public and in a longhouse? No, such thing. If there are people who said that, it means they are joking,” Ali said.

He blamed the GPS State Assemblymen for taking his joke literally.

“They thought it was true. They took it literally. If they want to use this issue, go ahead. Let people laugh,” he said.

GPS State Assemblymen, during the debate, took a swipe at Ali for saying that “enti enda menang, enda menang”.

They asked him to clarify what did he mean by that remark.

Saribas State Assemblyman Datuk Abdul Wahab Aziz said “enti enda bula, enda menang” has become a tagline for Ali.

Layar State Assemblyman and GPS Youth leader Gerald Rentap said Ali cannot be joking when he muttered the remark.

He said Ali was the one who posted a video of himself on social media of his function in a longhouse.

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