Plastic Generation?

Syahida Kamarudin
Plastic Generation?

22 Jun – Netizens were shocked by past photos of SNSD (Girls' Generation) members that were posted in an article by Korean media outlet, Startoday, titled, "SNSD Past Photos, Who are you?", according to allkpop website.

On the 20 June episode of MBC's "Good Day – Entertainment Plus", the programme showcased the topic of 'Stars in midst of Controversy'. Although most of the photos presented on the show were already revealed to the public, the ones that caught the most attention from this programme were the old photos of SNSD members.

The show mentioned that Sunny, Tiffany, and Soo-young were looking quite plain in their past photos compared to their present flashy appearances. Netizens were most intrigued by the dramatic changes to Sunny's nose and eyes, along with the chubbier Tiffany of the past.

Entertainment Plus stated: "They are always surrounded by plastic surgery controversy because they seem to change in appearance every time a photo from the past is revealed."

It was further reported that loyal fans of the group dismissed any surgery controversies by defending their favourite stars, saying "The media is too much," and that there is no need to fight over the issue.