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PlayStation VR2 is finally available at retailers

It had been exclusive to the Direct sales platform since launch.


The well-reviewed, yet pricey, PlayStation VR2 headset is now widely available after a two-month stint of exclusivity at Sony’s Direct consumer storefront. Last month, the company shared the news on Twitter, but did not set an official date, nor did they announce what lucky retailers would get their mitts on the PS5-adjacent headset. As of today, you can pick up the PSVR2 at Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and other retailers.

Beyond making it easier to score a PSVR 2 headset, wider availability could very well lead to sales and discounts. At $550, the PS5 accessory is more expensive than the actual PS5. Sony has not disclosed any sales numbers for the headset but it did halve sales expectation numbers ahead of the February launch due to fewer-than-anticipated preorders. Having the headset locked behind an exclusive web portal for a while likely did it no favors.

The PSVR 2 has been praised for its fantastic visuals, updated controllers and haptic feedback abilities, though the games library is on the anemic side (right now). Here is to hoping increased availability will bring the headset into more homes, hastening mainstream adoption and giving the Meta Quest platform a true run for its money. This could only be a good thing for VR in general.