Poladrone and EasyLaw take belt at Echelon Malaysia Top 100 Fight Club


Poladrone uses drone technology to help farmers get data on the agriculture industry and EasyLaw helps people get fast and affordable legal advice

A startup that uses drones to gather agricultural data and another company that helps people find fast, affordable, legal advice, took home the top two awards at this year’s Echelon Malaysia Top 100 Fight Club competition.

Poladrone won the Judges Choice award and EasyLaw took home the Fan Favourite award (it was voted on by the audience via a Facebook poll).

The teams will enjoy prizes that include passes to Echelon Asia summit in Singapore, US$10,000 worth of Microsoft Azure credits and they will split MYR$6,000 (US$1,200) in cash.

The judges for the competition were as follows:

  • Carmen Yuen, the Senior Executive Director at Vertex

  • Dinesh Nair, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft,

  • Koichi Saito, General and Founding Partner, KK Fund

  • Michael Lints, Venture Partner, Golden Gate Ventures,

  • Victor Chua, the Vice President for Gobi VC

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But these events aren’t just about the winners. So let’s give a little shoutout to the startups!

Boleh Compare

This digital price comparison company is focussed towards the telco industry and offers side-by-side comparisons for various products.

It has partnered with eight telcos and they use a call-center model to facilitate the deals. The company says it makes about US$2,000 to US$3,000 in revenue per month and 90 per cent of that money comes from the telcos.


Staydilly is doing what the American company Hotwire does by offering ‘mystery booking’ to help hotels fill rooms while providing the end-users with steep discounts. The idea is that if someone is given the basics of the booking (but can’t actually choose the place) they get a discount for taking the risk.


This startup is an outdoor intrusion system that triggers homeowners using video analytics. Smartpeeop provides a simple interface for people to call for help and the sensors are designed to notify everyone when gate is forced open or someone jumps the fence.

The target customers are landed homeowners in Malaysia outside of gated communities. It has a go-to-market strategy, approach contractor and security system distributors. Its stage 2 it to grow word-of-mouth marketing and telco partnerships.


CheQQme is bringing gamification to marketing campaigns. It uses a freemium model and offers users rewards from companies for participating in certain online games. It wants to help marketers jump from online to offline using the gamification model.

It has received funding from Cradle and according to the company will be profitable by the end of the year.


Digitalising the hotel tendering process, HorecaBid is an e-procurement startup built on the cloud. Hotels spend a lot of energy building their inventories, and in Malaysia, much of the process is done offline. HorecaBid wants to reduce weeks of work and increase productivity.

It has been in business for about at year and is seeking US$250,000 in funding.


Connecting pet owners to pet care service providers, PetBacker wants to help owners find a trusted sitter, dog walker or groomer in their area. The company has invested heavily in search engine optimisation and is now a high-ranking company in the vertical.


Our Fan Favourite award winner is helping people find easy and affordable access to legal advice. It has an app platform to connect people to lawyers and even has a system that helps create legal documents.

It has three pricing models; on-demand charges, a subscription model and ad hoc offerings.


Foodzaps is a POS system that is working to integrate machine learning into its service offerings. It wants to make sure the offering still work with poor internet connection and it utilises a DIY set-up system.

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The Singapore-based company says it is an affordable option, offers multi-device ordering and for global restaurants there is a global mapping option.


An on-demand delivery platform that helps people make bookings in advance. ZeptoExpress calls itself the ‘Grab for deliveries’ (Uber is so Passé) and has multiple delivery options (ZeptoAir is an air-freight option). During the pitching event, ZeptoExpress pitched their bike-delivery option as a low-carbon option to help the environment.

Its crazy option is ZeptoRun which is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also good for the health of the delivery people. As the name suggests, this deliver options includes a nice jog.


Our Judges Choice winner uses drones to gather data to offer insights for the agriculture industry. It has technology that count palm trees, analyse the health based on colour and compare terrain and infrastructure for guidance.

This technology is helping bring big data to land-management so farmers can have smart insights and make better decisions. Poladrone has big-named partners like DJI, Founder Institute, Google and Microsoft.

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