Police called on “The View” star Ana Navarro's house party with Gloria Estefan

Ana Navarro and her bestie Gloria Estefan conga'd a little too hard at a recent house party — so hard that the police were reportedly called over a noise complaint stemming from the bash in Coral Gables, Fla.

The View star revealed that officers responded to two noise complaints lodged by her neighbors the night of the Oct. 25 celebration, which she said evolved from a dinner party into a mini music festival on her property in celebration of singer Carlos Vives' three-decade career in music.

Ana Navarro, Gloria Estefan
Ana Navarro, Gloria Estefan

Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images; Arturo Holmes/Getty Images Ana Navarro on 'The View' ; Gloria Estefan

"He's such a lovely human being. I threw a party, a dinner in his honor, and we had music and it was in my back yard. What happens when you've got all these people who can sing? They all start singing, and we had loudspeakers and it was like a full-fledged concert," Navarro told View producer Brian Teta on the Behind the Table podcast, adding that Vives and both Gloria and Emilio Estefan attended the event.

"The cops came, so I offered the cop a cocktail. He declined, and I said to him, 'Listen, I'm sorry, take me to jail, but I'm not about to shut down a party with Carlos Vives, Emilio Estefan, and all these people,'" Navarro continued. "So the party continued. And a second cop showed up about an hour later. At some point we moved the party into the house and it went on for a while longer."

The Republican commentator said that the party finally ended around 2 a.m. local time, though she had to be awake early the next day to film The View's pre-taped Halloween episode, which saw her transform into Mirabel from Encanto.

EW has reached out to representatives for The View, Estefan, Vives, and the Coral Gables Police Department for comment.

On Instagram, Navarro offered a sweet message honoring her partying pals, and urged her followers to have fun whenever they can.

"Remember, we only live once. Too much sad and bad stuff can happen at a moment's notice," she wrote in her post, which showed images of both Estefans and Vives singing and dancing at her home. "My theory is: Never miss an opportunity to celebrate and have fun with people you love."

Navarro also spoke about another home-related issue on The View's companion podcast earlier in October, when she took aim at a pesky raccoon that had invaded her roof.

"I had to do an entire reconstruction of an area of my house," she said at the time. "A raccoon came through a palm frond onto my roof, ate a hole through my roof, it rained, water got in. It has been a disaster. I had to take my guest house down to the studs because of this raccoon. So, let me just say, I hate raccoons. I think they should all die, I don't care if they're cute, I don't care if PETA comes after me. This raccoon needs to die."

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