Video shows survivors climbing to safety after rescue helicopter crashes into Florida apartment block, killing two

Two people in Florida were killed after a helicopter crash in Broward County, Florida. Dramatic footage captured the moment the aircraft smashed into a building, leaving a smoldering hole in its roof.

An air rescue flight paramedic and a resident of the apartment building were killed in the incident. Four others required hospitalisation.

The crash occurred around 8:45am in Pompano Beach, Florida, according to WSVN.

The Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue helicopter smashed into an apartment building, leaving a black, burning scar across its roof.

The sheriff's department confirmed that three people were on board the helicopter when it crashed, and that two of those individuals have been taken to Broward Health for treatment. Officials said that the individuals transported to the hospital were not seriously hurt.

One of the members of the helicopter crew, a paramedic, was killed in the crash, accoridng to NBC6. He has been identified as Captain Terryson Jackson. The civilian who was killed has been confirmed to be a woman, though her name has not been released.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony said that Mr Jackson, 50, had been working for the sheriff’s office for nearly two decades.

“Terryson was a rock star, he was one of the best of us, one of the brighest, he bled this profession inside and out, all day long,” Mr Tony said.

A horrifying video captured the moment the helicopter lost control and fell from the sky.

In the footage the police helicopter can be seen zipping overhead before it slows and begins to turn. Smoke begins pouring out of the aircraft as it goes into a spin and its tail appears to detach, before falling out of the sky and crashing into the apartment building below.

Fire crews raced to the scene to help battle the blaze and rescue the occupants of both the apartment and the helicopter.

Investigators are still determining what could have caused the crash.

“We are hurting,” Mr Tony said. “We’re gonna suffer, we’re gonna hurt but this community should know, we’re prepared to answer the next call, we’re not gonna lose our focus even though we’re hurting and we’re dealing with our own tragedy.”

Broward County School Officials assured parents that, while the helicopter did crash a few blocks from a school, there were no reported injuries among any students or staff.

The crash forced the closure of the North Dixie Highway between Northeast Fifth Street and Northeast 10th Street.