Police locate, guide lost night cyclist at Upper Peirce Reservoir

He gets lost in the middle of the night at Old Upper Thomson Road, shares live location on WhatsApp with police

Screengrabs from TikToker @hh_henry260 (Photos: TikTok)
Screengrabs from TikToker @hh_henry260 (Photos: TikTok)

SINGAPORE - Night cycling is an increasingly popular leisure activity among Singaporeans. However, this activity took a harrowing turn for Henry, a Singaporean who found himself lost along Upper Peirce Reservoir earlier this week.

Henry documented his ordeal on TikTok through a series of five videos, with the first going viral and garnering over 130,000 views to date.

According to Must Share News, Henry had used Google Maps to cycle home from Ang Mo Kio at around 1.30am, and tried to find a shorter route home via Old Upper Thompson Road.

He later realised he was cycling down the wrong path and checked the map which indicated he was about 1.2 kilometres from the main road.

He then did a U-turn and started cycling back to find a way out before realising there was no through road upon reaching the 1.2km mark.

Stranded and alone, Henry started to panic and became concerned about the possibility of wild boars or monkeys appearing.

He then contacted the police for support who came to his aid within five to 10 minutes after he had shared his live location via WhatsApp.

After checking on his condition, the police guided him back to the main road by driving behind him.

Advice for night cyclers

Henry has since advised cyclists to do their research before a night cycle and to consider having friends or buddies accompany them.

He also hopes people can refrain from panicking in such circumstances, so as to objectively find ways to resolve the situation quickly.

Yahoo News Singapore has reached out to the police for a statement.

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