Porsche unfolds an official new rooftop tent

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People have been building “safari” versions of Porsche vehicles for quite a while, and the brand has even gotten in on the action. First, there was the Cayenne Transsyberia in the 2000s, and the brand has been spotted testing various rugged 911 prototypes. Now, Porsche is offering a rooftop tent system that works with all its vehicles except the droptop 718 Boxster.

Porsche’s Tequipment division came up with the tent system, which is now available for preorder at around $5,700. Deliveries begin in November. The floor space measures 83 inches by 51 inches, so not a huge tent by any means, but large enough for two people to sleep comfortably. Porsche 911 and Cayman owners don’t have much of a backseat, so it’s unlikely that more than two people will be in tow.

Though made by Porsche, this isn’t a wimpy glamping rig, except in the eyes of “real” campers and overlanders. The tent comes with a high-density integrated mattress and breathable cotton blend walls. Water-resistant zips and a separate rain cover for the entry help keep everything dry, and the tent features two fully-opening side windows.

Porsche says tent setup is quick and painless, with just a few steps from closed to fully assembled. When not in use, the tent folds into a roof-mounted enclosure a little smaller than a traditional rooftop cargo box. The enclosure comes in either black/light grey or black/dark grey, and each has a matte black Porsche logo.

If you’re looking to get a tent for your Porsche, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll be adding around 124 pounds to the roof of your car. You’ll also be lowering the top speed of your vehicle to just over 80 mph when the tent is installed. There are also weight limits to observe, as Porsche says the max stationary weight in the tent is 419 pounds when the vehicle has roof rails and 309 pounds without. So, while the tent is likely sufficient for two people, adding a dog and gear can quickly exceed the limit and may damage the vehicle.

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