Power: Force director warns fans "nobody is safe" for season 2 after major deaths

joseph sikora as tommy egan, power book iv force
Power: Force director responds to major deathsSTARZ

Power Book IV: Force spoilers follow.

Power Book IV: Force director Lisa Demaine has warned fans "nobody is safe" for season 2 after major deaths in the latest episode of the spin-off series.

The season's pivotal episode which aired on September 29, saw the shock deaths of three main characters — including the show's antagonist Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan), who was taken down by son Vic after staging a family coup.

Demaine, who also serves as a supervising producer on the show, has revealed that there are further twists in the tale of Flynn family.

"There's a lot of story from now to the end," she told Variety.

tommy flanagan as walter flynn, power book iv force
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She added: "I can tell you that [episode 9] is also epic and big and sweeping. The Stacy Marks task force is growing, and her reach is reaching out and seeping in. People die. The drug-dealing world is dangerous and dirty, and 209 is big in a different way."

In reference to the unexpected deaths in episode five, Demaine spoke of her approach to tackling such a big storyline.

"There were three pretty big deaths in this episode, so it was giving them all their own flavour, and all their own moment of storytelling," she said. "But Walter's the one that needed to be Shakespearean, in the sense of finally being taken down by his son."

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In addition to Walter, fan favourite character Uncle Paulie also met his demise when he bravely sacrificed himself for his family, which has greatly saddened fans.

"Paulie's death was more one that I wanted to elicit feelings of empathy and sympathy," explained Demaine.

Brendan Doyle also died in the episode.

Power Book IV: Force stars Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan, who featured in the original Power series. The show's second season has been widely praised by critics.

Power Book IV: Force airs on Starz in the US and Starzplay available through Prime Video in the UK.

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