Preliminary injunction hearing set for Feb. 13 in case targeting NCAA ban on recruiting inducements

A judge on Feb. 13 will hear a request by the attorneys general of Tennessee and Virginia for a preliminary injunction that would put on hold NCAA rules banning recruiting inducements and pay-for-play, the court posted Friday.

The lawsuit challenging NCAA recruiting rules was filed earlier this week in the Eastern District of Tennessee, a day after it was revealed the NCAA was investigating the University of Tennessee for potential violations related to name, image and likeness compensation being used to recruit athletes.

The attorneys general quickly followed up the lawsuit with the request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. The plaintiffs asked for a judge to rule on the TRO by Feb. 6. If granted it would also force the NCAA to stop enforcing those rules immediately.

The court said the NCAA had until Saturday at 6 p.m. EST to respond to the TRO request and the plaintiffs until Sunday at 6 p.m. to file a reply. The plaintiffs requested a ruling on the temporary restraining order by Tuesday.

The AGs suing the NCAA over transfer rules in December used a similar strategy. After a temporary restraining order was granted, the NCAA quickly decided to join the plaintiffs in asking the court to keep it in place through the end of the spring semester to provide clarity to schools and athletes immediately impacted. A judge granted the request.


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