Presidential hopeful Salleh Marican submits application to Elections Department

Gabriel Choo
Presidential hopeful Salleh Marican with his wife Sapiyah Abu Bakar and supporters outside the Elections Department on Wednesday (23 August). (PHOTO: Gabriel Choo / Yahoo News Singapore)

Presidential hopeful Salleh Marican has submitted his application documents to stand in the upcoming Presidential Election (PE).

“I am ready, my team is ready. And I believe all Singaporeans are ready to vote,” said the 62-year-old chief executive of Second Chance Properties at a media doorstop on Wednesday (23 August) after handing the forms over to the Elections Department.

“It would be good for Singapore if there is a contest, for if there is a contest, the people of Singapore would be satisfied that they have a chance to choose their next president,” he added.

Salleh had revealed his intention to run in late May and, thus far, only two others – Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific chairman Farid Khan and former speaker of parliament Halimah Yacob – have thrown their hats in the ring.

This year’s PE has been reserved for Malays and prospective candidates will have to obtain a Malay Community Certificate from the Community Committee in order to be eligible to run. Those from the private sector will also have to be either the chairman or chief executive officer of a company with a paid-up capital of at least $500 million in order to qualify.

“Those who do not (meet the $500 million criteria) can still apply and the person needs to convince the (Presidential Elections Committee) that he or she has the ability to manage a $500 million company,” said Salleh.

“And I believe I can easily manage a $500 million company because the thinking process … whether it’s $250 (million) or $500 million is the same.”

Prospective candidates for the PE will have up to five days after the Writ of Election is issued to submit their application documents.

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