Python reportedly sighted after ceiling panel fell in Toast Box outlet at The Rail Mall

Customers were evacuated from outlet, but snake control team could not find the reptile upon arrival at the scene

Python found in ceiling after panel drops at Toast Box outlet at The Rail Mall
Python allegedly found in ceiling after panel drops at Toast Box outlet at The Rail Mall (Photos: Raven Qiu/Complaint Singapore Facebook)

SINGAPORE — A python was apparently spotted inside the ceiling of the Toast Box outlet at The Rail Mall, after a panel had dropped on Saturday (9 December) morning.

A spokesperson from Bread Talk Group, which manages Toast Box, told Yahoo Southeast Asia that the incident took place at approximately 8.45am. All customers were safely evacuated from the store, while the mall management was also informed about the incident.

The outlet was temporarily closed for about one-and-a-half hours while a professional snake control service was contacted. The snake control team arrived at 9.20am, and conducted a thorough inspection of the premises, including the ceiling, dining area, and kitchen. However, the team was unable to locate the python.

Toast Box's staff later sanitised and cleaned the entire store, and reopened at 10.30am that morning. A professional team was also engaged to patch up the ceiling.

"We would like to express our gratitude for the patience and understanding of our customers during this incident," said Bread Talk Group.

The National Parks Board (NParks) also confirmed that it was alerted to the apparent sighting of the reticulated python, but there was no sign of the snake when its contractors arrived at the outlet.

Other python sightings

There have been several incidents of pythons being spotted near residential areas in Singapore in recent months.

A two-metre long snake was found in the bonnet of car parked in Marine Parade in October. It sustained injuries after members of the public attempted to extract it. Meanwhile, a three-metre long python was also spotted along the staircase of Block 428 Tampines Street 41 last month.

NParks has advised the public to observe from a safe distance, stay calm and back away slowly, and give the reptile space to retreat should they encounter a snake in a public area.

"Do not approach or attempt to handle the snake. Any pets should also be kept on a tight leash as they might chase the snake and frighten it. The snake should be left alone, especially if it is in its natural habitat," said NParks' director of Wildlife Management and Outreach, How Choon Beng.

Should assistance be required, the public can contact the NParks helpline (1800-4761600). More information on snakes can be found on NParks’ website.

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