Qi Wei dropped after refusing sex

Prashanth Nayar
Qi Wei dropped after refusing sex

8 Jul - Actress Qi Wei's part in "Hui Ma Qiang" has been completely removed after she refused to go on a trip with a rich business man in exchange for her film's sponsorship, according to a report by May Daily website.

An insider reportedly said that a famous brand's president had offered to sponsor the promotion of the film up to 5 million Yuan (US $773,000).

On the eve of signing the deal, however, the company's boss allegedly demanded one of the film's leading actresses, Qi Wei, to accompany him on a trip to Macau.

Despite repeated negotiations, the actress refused to succumb, which basically required her to "sell herself" for the sake of her craft and career.

Thus the sponsorship deal fell apart, and the production company was so furious at the actress that they cut all her scenes in the upcoming crime comedy that is scheduled for release later this month.