Queen Charlotte viewers say Netflix series has opened up ‘plot hole’ for Bridgerton

Netflix’s recent Bridgerton spin-off Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story has seemingly created a plot hole for the original series.

Released on the streaming service earlier this month, Queen Charlotte is set decades before the hit period drama, and follows the exploits of the titular monarch in her youth, played by India Amarteifio.

However, as noted by Cosmopolitan, some of the plot developments in the series appear to contradict what we know about the show that inspired it.

In Bridgerton, the events of the series are narrated by the enigmatic Lady Whistledown, the author of a salacious gossip column.

During the second season, it is revealed that Lady Whistledown is in fact Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

However, Queen Charlotte is also narrated by Lady Whistledown. Given that the events of the series transpired years before Penelope was born, it begs the question as to how, and why, she would be narrating the incidents.

India Amarteifio in ‘Queen Charlotte' (LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)
India Amarteifio in ‘Queen Charlotte' (LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

Julie Andrews voices Lady Whistledown in both the original Bridgerton series and Queen Charlotte.

Queen Charlotte was well received by critics, including The Independent’s Nicole Vassell, who wrote in a four-star review: “With classical renditions of pop hits aplenty and no shortage of steamy bedroom romps, Queen Charlotte delivers everything a Bridgerton fan could want, with touches of social commentary that feel refreshing, rather than preachy.

“If this series is an indicator, the Bridgerton-verse will continue to top the Netflix ratings – and for good reason.”

The series is available to stream now on Netflix.