Rachel Bilson 'always up for' return to The OC

Rachel Bilson is open to a return to The OC credit:Bang Showbiz
Rachel Bilson is open to a return to The OC credit:Bang Showbiz

Rachel Bilson will "always be up for" a return to 'The O.C.'

The 42-year-old actress recently reprised her role as Summer Roberts for a campaign for 21Seeds infused tequila - which was created by the teen drama's showrunners Josh Schwarz and Stephanie Savage - and not only did she enjoy going back to the character, she'd be happy to do so again.

However, Rachel can also see the advantages in preserving the show as it was.

She told Variety: “I would always be up for it. But it’s also this thing that people still watch and are still discovering.

"So do you just leave that special moment as it is?

"You weigh both sides because obviously it would be fun and I love everybody and it would be awesome to go back and we need to somehow bring Marissa back to life and do the whole thing if we do it.

"But also leaving it for what it was and how special it kind of was, is also a positive.”

Rachel believes her alter ego is "living her best life" these days and, 17 years after 'The O.C.' ended, thinks a return would find Summer still married to Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and raising their children.

Asked where she thinks Summer would be now, she said: “I’m just going to say this for the fans—she’s definitely still married to Seth. They have kids. Let’s paint that picture. She’s living her best life. Summer, I feel like she really bloomed over the four years of the show and she just continued that way.”

And discussing her involvement in the advertising campaign, she said: "I’m obviously a fan of 21Seeds, so that was a no-brainer, but then when they said we’re going to bring Summer back and they were writing it, of course I’m going to do it because how fun does that sound?

"Tequila and Summer, come on! She’s obviously drinking her tequila because no Orange County housewife can survive without it."

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