Rachel Leviss was put 'in a really bad position by Tom Sandoval'

Rachel Leviss feels Tom Sandoval put her in "a really bad position" amid their cheating scandal.

The 29-year-old beauty has hit out at Tom, 40, claiming that he knowingly put her in an awkward position amid their months-long affair.

The former 'Vanderpump Rules' star said on her 'Rachel Goes Rogue' podcast: "He knew that I wasn’t a good liar and I expressed to him that I don’t like lying.

"He put me in a really bad position with my friendships, and this placement of being on this international reality TV show [meant] that my reputation was on the line."

Tom split from Ariana Madix after news of the affair became public. And Rachel has now claimed that the reality star lacks maturity in his decision-making.

She said: "I think he could have gone about [our relationship and their break-up] in a much more mature way. But who knows if he’s even capable of that."

Rachel quit 'Vanderpump Rules' last year, and she thinks she's benefited from stepping away from the show.

She shared: "I can see the impact the show had on my decisions, the impact that my trauma and my connection with Tom had on those decisions, and my trust in him and betraying myself in that process. I’ve been able to see a lot clearer now. That’s what I needed. I needed that space to gain that clarity."

Earlier this month, Tom revealed that he wants Rachel to find "peace".

The TV star told PEOPLE: "She obviously didn’t come back on the show. I’m hoping she just moves on, you know. Finds her peace, and I’m wishing her the best."

Tom and Rachel were both widely criticised after news of their affair became public knowledge, and Tom initially struggled to deal with the controversy.

He shared: "It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to face on such a regular basis. It was very, very challenging and very, very just emotional at times."