Rachel Leviss wants to create 'ethical reality TV'

Rachel Leviss has revealed her long-term ambitions credit:Bang Showbiz
Rachel Leviss has revealed her long-term ambitions credit:Bang Showbiz

Rachel Leviss wants to be part of creating "ethical reality TV".

The 29-year-old beauty quit 'Vanderpump Rules' last year, and she's now determined to help to change the TV industry.

The reality star said on her 'Rachel Goes Rogue' podcast: "I want to create a healthier environment for people watching reality TV.

"I want to be a part of creating ethical reality TV. And I think a part of that is educating people who are watching these shows about what we're actually consuming.

"I have created something and I have a vision and so you know, I'm taking action as a coach in educating and this is obviously a challenge for me in so many different ways, and I'm not stuck on outcomes. I'm doing my part and I'm learning to let go and whatever happens happens, and there's such freedom in that."

Rachel quit 'Vanderpump Rules' after it was revealed that she had a months-long affair with Tom Sandoval.

Rachel feels she lost the support of her co-stars when the scandal broke.

The brunette beauty - who recently launched her new podcast series - shared: "I don't want to say mob mentality, but it's definitely like we're here to voice our opinions on what you did and bring that to the forefront. And so when you're at it alone, it just seems like you're not going to survive.

"And that's part of the reason why I didn't go back, because I knew that I wouldn't be welcomed back and it would put me in that position of feeling fight, flight or freeze, having that extreme response and then once again only having Tom as the person that I could confide in.

"I could just see how bad of a situation that would be for me, especially as I'm trying to put my mental health first and have some sort of stability and sanity in my life now."