Rachel Maddow Stresses the Heft of Trump Mug Shot: ‘We Have Never Been Here Before’ (Video)

Rachel Maddow emphasized the weight of seeing a mugshot of a former President after Donald Trump’s photo was released from Fulton County, Georgia, calling it “serious stuff for the nation.”

The former president voluntarily turned himself into Fulton County on Thursday evening, where he was booked for criminal charges over his actions during the 2020 election.

“The Fulton County sheriff had promised that former President Trump would be treated like anybody else,” said Maddow. “That he would get a Fulton County mug shot like everyone else.”

“Well, just now,” the MSNBC anchor continued, “In the last few moments, the sheriff has released that mug shot for former President Trump.”

Maddow asked everyone to “slow down,” as MSNBC airs the mugshot because this is “serious stuff for the nation and who we are as a country.”

“We have never before had a mugshot of the United States President current or former,” noted Maddow. “But now we do – here it is,” as it was shown onscreen.

“Whatever you think of the photo,” the MSNBC anchor said. “This is not something to take lightly.”

“The rule of law and the health of our democracy depends not just on the conduct of this criminal case,” said Maddow, “but on our ability as citizens to take this with the sort of heft that it needs.”

Maddow noted how “remarkable” it is that Trump has already had three previous arrests, yet this case is the only one in which a mugshot was produced.

Lawrence O’Donnell said that “it took us 234 years to get here,” and “there is reason to believe it’ll take another 234 before we see another mugshot of a former president of the United States.”

“This is something that only Donald Trump was able to achieve with his presidency,” continued O’Donnell, “to bring the presidency to this low point.”

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