Rain: "I want to get married fast"

Rain: "I want to get married fast"

26 May – Rain wants to get married and he wants to do it fast. That is what the multi-talented South Korean performer told the media during a press conference in Singapore last Saturday.

According to, the 28-year-old bachelor has just one problem – his popularity.

Rain, born Jung Ji-hoon, said: "I haven't found a partner yet but I believe in fate. If I find someone, fate will resolve it."

Female fans must be swooning over the statement. However, fate may hang in the balance while he drops out of the entertainment industry this summer to enter military service in South Korea.

"I have done a lot of activities for the past 10 years and the enlistment will give me an opportunity to think about these past moments" said Rain, when asked about the topic.

Apart from his world tours, Rain will also launch a new album with the Asian market in mind and his second Korean movie.

"It's an aviation-themed movie that also has comedy and romance in it. It's the first in Asia to have aircraft and nuclear-related events." said the star.

Despite acting in several international movies and TV dramas, his only Korean movie before this is Park Chan-wook's "I'm a Cyborg but That's OK" (2006).