Rare Beauty isn't about making money, says Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez never wanted Rare Beauty to be about "making a lot of money".

The 31-year-old star launched her cosmetics company - which is committed to raising $100 million for mental health awareness - in 2020, and Selena has confessed to being amazed by Rare Beauty's success.

The brunette beauty told TIME magazine: "I will admit it overwhelms me sometimes. I have this weird thing in my head where if I focus on the numbers, I’ll lose whatever it is that made Rare Beauty Rare Beauty.

"I never wanted it to be about making a lot of money and that’s it."

Rare Beauty has been valued at more than $1 billion, but Selena doesn't have any intention of selling the company.

She said: "I don’t have any plans on that, genuinely."

Selena has enjoyed huge success as a singer and as an actress. However. she gets more comments about mental health issues than anything else.

The 'Only Murders in the Building' star shared: "That’s what makes me most proud.

"When I’m able to have something like Rare or a single that people can relate to, I get so much joy when people say, ‘Hey, that helped me through a difficult time.'"

In April, Selena explained that she's on a "mission" with her Rare Beauty brand.

The actress feels proud of her brand for helping to raise mental health awareness.

Selena said at the TIME100 Summit: "I didn't want to really enter the cosmetics world without a mission."

Selena - who has been open about her own mental health struggles in recent years - has been thrilled by what she's managed to achieve so far.

She said: "It was actually a dream that kind of happened within this brand, and on top of it we were able to make hopefully decent products."