These Rare Photos Are Over 100 Years Old

These Rare Photos Are Over 100 Years Old

Now that it's 2020, we've found ourselves re-entering the so-called "roaring '20s" yet again. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if a person from the 1920s were to be suddenly transported to life today? How would you even begin to describe what a smart house is, let alone explain to them the concept of the internet? How about getting them to wrap their heads around the idea of a self-driving car? Not to mention, they would certainly have their opinions on the evolution of fashion. It would be a mind-boggling scenario, to say the least.

Now imagine that the situation was reversed, and you were transported to the year 1920. How long do you think you'd be able to last? If there is anything that these photos from 100 years ago show us, it's that even with all of the cultural progression and technological advancements that have been made over the course of the past century, we still do much of the same. From taking our morning commute and visiting the grocery store, to hanging out at the beach and celebrating the love of two people, perhaps things weren't so different after all.

(John Kobal Foundation - Getty Images)
Early morning commute.

A railcar makes the morning commute in New York City, as passengers read newspapers and gaze out the window.

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Things happen at a spiritual seance.

A musical instrument seemingly levitates during a spiritual seance to connect with the dead.

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Visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Tourists soak up the view of the Sahara Desert atop a Great Pyramid in Egypt.

(George Rinhart - Getty Images)
Everyone loves ice cream.

Fashionably dressed triplets pose for a photo as they enjoy frozen treats.

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Time for a picture show.

A young boy looks at the movie posters outside a Minneapolis movie theater.

(Minnesota Historical Society - Getty Images)
School is in session.

Rows of well-behaved schoolchildren, seated neatly at their desks, pose for a photo in their classroom.

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A different kind of summer games.

A group of ladies play a card game while they simultaneously cool off in a community swimming pool. It's the best of both worlds.

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Working on her golf swing.

British golfer, Cecil Leitch, plays the English Ladies Golf tournament in Sheringham. Leitch won 12 national titles over the course of her career.

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Skyscraper employees risk it all.

Construction workmen cling to chains as they dangle in mid-air off the side of a skyscraper.

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Sennett Bathing Beauty performers.

A group of Sennett Bathing Beauties show off their swimwear on a Californian beach. The performing beauts were rallied together by film producer Mack Sennett.

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It's snack time.

A photographer captures a shopper in London, England, as she fetches a snack from a street-side vending machine.

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Living the fab life.

Two women enjoy a luxe lifestyle, donning fur coats while posing next to a new car.

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An author's headshot.

Anna Elisabeth, a French poet and novelist, poses next to a large flower arrangement.

(Henri Martinne - Getty Images)
Spending time at the ocean.

A young girl holding her toy sailboat stands with her feet in the ocean.

(The Montifraulo Collection - Getty Images)
Tourists visit the Rocky Mountains.

A line of Rocky Mountain tour cars take the scenic route around a Colorado lake.

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It's all about the laugh.

Silent-era comedian, Harold Lloyd (star of Safety Last!), poses as a wheelbarrow on the edge of a construction beam.

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Time to clock out.

A group of Manhattan department store employees hitch a ride on the back of the company's delivery truck.

(George Rinhart - Getty Images)
Outdoor winter leisure.

Two women hold hands and kick their legs back as they strike a pose while ice skating in Berlin, Germany.

(Hulton Archive - Getty Images)
A boy's best friend.

A young boy walks his dog on a leash, as the pooch helps by carrying baskets filled with groceries on its back.

(adoc-photos - Getty Images)
Lights, camera, action!

A Hollywood film crew prepares to shoot a scene for a movie in a studio backlot.

(SeM - Getty Images)
A trip on the overnight express.

English commuters sit in their bunks while on-board an overnight train.

(Keystone-France - Getty Images)
Dressed in the latest fashion.

A group of dapper young people enjoy the sunny weather while on a promenade in Calvados, France.

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Listening to the radio.

Two teenage boys play with a shortwave radio as they attempt to listen to a broadcast.

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Wedding day bliss.

Rowing champion M.K. Morris and his wife, Marguerite, pose together on their wedding day in New York.

(General Photographic Agency - Getty Images)
Sin City in the early days.

The now bustling Fremont Street in Las Vegas sits eerily bare of traffic on a sunny day in 1920.

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(Donaldson Collection - Getty Images)
A vintage beauty ad.

A long-haired lingerie model poses with a bottle in her hand for a shampoo ad.

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Model students.

A class of boys watch closely as their instructor teaches them how to create a model airplane.

(Paul Thompson/FPG - Getty Images)
Ready for a road trip.

Two women and a smiling pooch sit in the front of a truck.

(FPG - Getty Images)
Open for business.

Three grocery shop assistants stand behind the counter and in front of a tall shelf full of canned goods, as they wait for the next customer.

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Capturing Mother Nature in her most natural form.

English travel photographer, Herbert Ponting, poses next to his camera while on a remote winter shoot in the United Kingdom.

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A different kind of science experiment.

A chemist tests bootleggers' booze. Prohibition on alcohol began in January 1920 and lasted until 1933.

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Sticking with tradition.

A group of Slovakian men, all donning traditional garb, gather in Spis County in north-eastern Slovakia.

(Hulton Archive - Getty Images)
A wedding day parade.

Newlyweds, (soon-to-be) British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and his wife Dorothy Cavendish, walk through the streets on their wedding day in April 1920.

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Take a trip back to 1920. These historic photos give you a glimpse of what life was like a century ago.