Raymond: "Not my girlfriend!"

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Raymond: "Not my girlfriend!"

29 Jul – Model Kibby "Blueberry" Lau is upset with alleged boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung because he is denying they are a couple to the media, according to Hong Kong Daily News as reported on May Daily website.

Lau was identified as the girl whom Raymond was all over with in a nightclub, a day after his relative's funeral.

Raymond, of course, has done this many times before, most notably with another curvaceous model - Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang.

On the other hand, Hong Kong bit-part actress Vanko Wang, aka Wang Shu Lin, reportedly said she had a heart-to-heart with her best friend Lau, who confided in her that she felt used and abused.

"Every time Raymond claims a relationship is `just friends', he simply never holds himself accountable," Vanko said.

In the past, Mavis has come forward to single Raymond out as a love rat.