Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos exchanges jersey for meat

Sergio Ramos ran across the pitch with a pack of pork (Photo: Getty Images)

In a bizarre video making its rounds on Twitter, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos exchanged his shirt with a fan for a bag of pork after the team’s recent 3-0 win over Real Sociedad on Monday (30 Jan).


The fan named Sergio Sanchez, sat in one of the front row seats at the Bernabeu and made a sign that read in Spanish, “Sergio, if you give me your shirt, I’ll give you a tray of pork in lard.”

Sergio Ramos to the fan: “Here’s the shirt, give me the pork”

Sanchez, who hails from an area in Spain well known for the dish, waved the sign at the final whistle to attract the attention of the Spanish defender, who promptly jogged towards him with a grin.

Fans on Twitter joked about just how badly Ramos seemed to want the meat, gesturing twice for the fan to hand it over to him, before running across the field with it in hand.

Perhaps the trade saved him a trip to the grocer’s.