Rebel Wilson reveals why she decided to go through with major weight loss: 'I was ashamed...'

Rebel Wilson was "ashamed" of her eating habits before she lost weight.

The 44-year-old actress - who welcomed daughter Royce via surrogate with her partner Ramona Agruma in November 2022 - opened up about her 77-pound weight loss in her memoir 'Rebel Rising' and while she didn't ever feel as if her size "stopped" her from achieving her career goals, the main catalyst was learning from her doctor that her weight could be the reason she was struggling to conceive.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she explained: "I do believe in body positivity and beauty in any shape and size.

"I didn't think being bigger stopped me from anything but what I was ashamed of was, these unhealthy eating behaviours, which was basically normally late at night by myself. What really motivated me, it was actually not for me, not for my own physical appearance or health, but it was really when I went to see a fertility doctor and he said that if I was healthier, I'd have a much better chance of having a child."

But the 'Senior Year' star - who shot to fame as Fat Amy in the 'Pitch Perfect' film series - did have some doubts about how losing weight might affect her career because by this point she had already been "pigeon-holed" into a certain kind of role even though she had been "struggling with obesity" the whole time.

She said: "I guess logically, I knew at the time I, you know, struggled with obesity and, ‘Do I change my health for the better?’ but then I’d lose this pigeonhole I had in the business and I might lose my career."

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