Renegade Nell star discusses character's queer journey on the show

Renegade Nell spoilers follow.

Renegade Nell star Louisa Harland has discussed her character's queer moment in the show.

Derry Girls actress Harland leads Disney+'s new series as Nell, a woman who becomes a highwayman in 18th century England. In episode 6, she shares an unexpected yet pleasantly surprising kiss with Polly Honeycomb.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Harland stated that the character is quite possibly queer, but not in a homosexual or bi/pan way.

louisa harland, the ballad of renegade nell

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"The thing about Nell is, she's not romantically driven in any way," the actress said. "She might be perceived as someone who's from the queer community, or is battling gender dysmorphia. But, really, at that time, she just wanted a better life for herself, and it was easier to get around as a man.

"Why does she dress as a man to pass as a man? Polly Honeycomb thinks she is a man. But Nell is very unfazed. With things like that, I think it's just water off a duck's back."

There's a look that Nell gives Polly after their kiss that suggests interest, and while Harland admitted that she would "love to see how that develops", she stated that: "One of my favourite things about the show is the fact that, you know, the heroine is not romantically driven.

louisa harland, the ballad of renegade nell

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"That's really rare. That's something that Sally was pretty adamant on. There are characters in it that are like, 'Will they, won't they? Who cares.' We have elements of romance from other characters, which are gorgeous. It doesn't need to be Nell involved in that."

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Renegade Nell can be streamed on Disney+ now.

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