Brave rescue dog Captain Danang finally settles in at his fur-ever home in Canada

Captain Danang's journey from a shelter in Vietnam to a home in Canada is an incredible story of resilience and hope

Captain Danang, the mixed-breed rescue dog from Vietnam, is finally at home in Canada. (Photo credits: @captain.danang/Instagram)
Captain Danang, the mixed-breed rescue dog from Vietnam, is finally at home in Canada. (Photo credits: @captain.danang/Instagram)

Captain Danang, a loveable mixed-breed dog from Vietnam, has finally arrived in Fredericton, Canada to start a new life with his new owner, Sarah MacLeod.

According to CTV News Canada, MacLeod, who was visiting her family in Riverview, brought Captain Danang for a morning walk on Tuesday in the town hall, and was ecstatic to see him running around.

Captain Danang’s adjustments to new life

For MacLeod, seeing Captain Danang adjusting to his new life is heartwarming.

"When I took him for a walk last night and he was running downhill, I could barely catch up with him. That made me happy. I was just laughing the whole time," she said in an interview.

"When he meets other dogs and when I see him socialising and just living a normal life like a dog should, it makes me really happy," she added.

Captain Danang's life has been anything but normal. Five years ago, he was struck by a vehicle, abandoned by his owner, and spent two years in a shelter home in Da Nang, Vietnam, after being rescued by one of the shelter's staff.

The mixed-breed dog, who resembles a miniature husky, is supported by a wheel chair attached to his lower body to be able to walk after one of his rear limbs was amputated. He also had his infected left eye removed and most of her teeth were pulled.

But none of that deterred MacLeod to foster him and bring him to Canada.

MacLeod, who worked at the shelter where Captain was living, instantly bonded with the dog. In February, she started the long process of bringing him to Canada to finally settle down to a permanent home with her.

The new owner-pet tandem had to endure a grueling 40-hour flight from Da Nang to Seoul in South Korea, then to Toronto before finally arriving to Fredericton in New Brunswick on 12 April, where MacLeod currently resides.

It's been good so far for Captain at his new home.

“It’s really different here than Vietnam, so he was kind of just confused about everything and on alert I guess,” MacLeod said.

“He’s settling in well, but the weather is a lot colder. He does love going for walks and he loves smelling everything and likes exploring the city. It’s a lot easier for him to get around here and it’s nice in Fredericton because there’s so many trails he can go on,” she added.

MacLeod expressed her gratitude to everyone who chipped in and contributed to Captain Danang's Go Fund Me campaign for the trip that she started in February. Thanks to their generosity, she was able to raise $4,000 to bring Captain to Canada and provide all of his medical needs.

“He’s had such a hard life. It’s time for him to have a good life now,” said MacLeod.

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