Retro Gamer's latest issue goes big on Rare, and it's out now

 The latest issue of Retro Gamer
The latest issue of Retro Gamer

Retro Gamer issue 250 is on sale now and it’s filled with amazing content.

First up is a gigantic 26-page feature on Rare, which looks at every aspect of the studio, from its early days as Ultimate, to its success on the Nintendo 64 and its 21 years with Microsoft. We’ve spoken to Rare staff past and present to deliver the ultimate look at one of the UK’s most prestigious studios.

The Rare celebrations continue with a companion 32-page book that focuses on 60 Rare games as well as the rest of its exhaustive catalogue. Did you know it made nearly 50 games for the 8-bit NES alone for example?

In addition to our superb Rare access, we’ve spoken to Jon Hare about the origins and transformation of Sensible Soccer, quizzed Steve Wetherill about his work on the Amstrad version of Jet Set Willy, while Obbe Vermeij chats to us about creating Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

We also go behind the scenes of Jurassic Park on the SNES and discover how Ocean Software made its game without seeing any finished dinosaurs from the film. We also speak to the creator of The NewZealand Story about his hit arcade game and chat to the President of Hamster Corporation about its incoming Taito Milestones 2 collection, which includes the classic arcade game and nine other gems.

Additional articles include a Making Of Castle Of Shikigami 1 & 2, an in-depth look at Gran Turismo and so much more.

Retro Gamer is on sale now, don’t miss it!