Revealed: the Steamy 'Bridgerton' Sex Scene That Was Cut from Season 3

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Bridgerton's Deleted Sex Scenes RevealedNetflix

In case you hadn't noticed, there's a literal petition going around demanding Netflix to "restore" sex scenes that were allegedly deleted Bridgerton. On top of speculation (some might say conspiracy theories) that multiple Polin scenes were cruelly taken away from us, actor Martins Imhangbe just confirmed that a "whole scene" where Will Mondrich and Alice Mondrich "do it everywhere" was cut.

"There was a whole scene written where Will and Alice do it everywhere," Martins told Digital Spy. "Then the kids interrupt. There was all this stuff that happened."

a man and woman shaking hands

Martins explained that the scene was tied to Will and Alice enjoying their fancy new home: "There's something about coming to the house then–now that we've put aside all the rules, we kind of enjoy the house, you know?"

The actor added that Will and Alice have "been together for years, like 12 plus years, and there is a myth that married couples don't still have fiery sex like the new couples do. So I think there's something [in showing] that you can still have that passion, that fire 12 years on, 15, 20 years on."

So, why were the scenes cut? Not even Martins knows, but he says it's possible they could be "saved for another season." He then cryptically teased, "I think that there's something [in] the show that might be coming down the line, but it would be good to see a married couple hold that [passionate] space too."

Say it with me: RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT, NETFLIX!!!!!!!!

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