The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition's shape is world-changing

Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Wireless Mouse (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)
Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Wireless Mouse (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)

The original Logitech G302/G303 was released back in 2016, with a very divided fan base because of its unique shape.

Michael Grzesiek, the legendary former CS-GO professional and first-person shooter (FPS) superstar (he has 9.8m followers on Twitch) better known as Shroud, explicitly said that he loved the G303, but would tweak a few things with the original design of the mouse if it ever got re-released.

Lo and behold, Logitech took him up on his offer, this is what we have today.

One mini rant before I start on the review, it was almost impossible to find any information about the release of the G303 Shroud Edition mouse in Southeast Asia. I had to head over to Amazon UK to purchase the mouse, which was released in the United States and United Kingdom last week (16 November).

I placed an order for it on launch, it took a couple of days to arrive, and thankfully, I managed to test this mouse for a week before writing and releasing this review.

I also tried to enquire about the mouse’s availability from Logitech and its authorised distributors in the region, to no avail. But through some scouring, I found out that it is now available on Lazada Singapore, just in time for the Black Friday sales.

If you are interested in the mouse, do get it before it runs out of stock, because that is what has been happening in the UK and US.

Now, on to the review. Do note that I will be concentrating the bulk of my review on the G303’s shape, because the tech and the build quality on the mouse is absolutely amazing. There is only one minor annoyance that I found with this mouse, which I will highlight after the shape review.

G303 Shroud Edition and Xtrfy’s MZ1 (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)
G303 Shroud Edition and Xtrfy’s MZ1 (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)

The shape review

I personally have been using Xtrfy’s MZ1 as my daily driver for first-person shooter games since its release. I have tried many other mice in the market, but I have never gotten the same precision in FPS games that I have with the MZ1.

This is due to the high back that the MZ1 has, and it provides a lot of stability for my palm due to the hybrid of fingertip and claw grip that I use.

I have tried dabbling with other wireless mice, because I really like the freedom of having no cables when I am flicking my shots and moving my mouse around.

But at the end of the day, shape triumphs over everything, and I find myself constantly switching back to the wired MZ1 because of the stability its shape provides.

The G303 Shroud Edition has this equally high hump on it. And it finally made me switch away from the MZ1, for good.

I hated the shape and dimensions of the original G302/303. I felt that the angles of the mouse were a bit too aggressive, and its back hump didn’t manage to support the claw grip that the mouse promoted. I used the original G303 for a month, and decided to sell it off because I couldn’t get used to the shape.

Logitech worked closely with Shroud to adapt the new wireless G303 to his hand and grip. He increased the height of the original back hump, made the mouse a little wider so that the curves of the mouse were not so angular, changed the switch positions for the left and right mouse buttons, and also the shape of the side buttons.

The changes from the original G303 to the G303 Shroud Edition may seem very minimal, but they are so meaningful that they make a world of difference.

Claw gripping the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)
Claw gripping the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)

The taller back hump provides a lot of stability when claw gripping the mouse, the wider mouse dimensions stop your fingers from touching your mousepad when you are gripping the mouse tightly, and the button placements are more in line with where a normal user would click the buttons.

Personally, for someone with 18” x 9” hands, this mouse is absolutely amazing for my fingertip and claw grip. And like I wrote earlier, I have since put my MZ1 away, because the G303 has allowed me to aim as well as the MZ1, without sacrificing stability and comfort.

I would even dare say that if Xtrfy releases a wireless version of the MZ1 in the future, I would still think twice about switching away from the G303 Shroud Edition, simply because it fits my hand a lot more.

The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition and its USB Dongle (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)
The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition and its USB Dongle (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)

The other stuff

Now with that out of the way, let's talk about the usual stuff. The Logitech Hero sensor performs amazingly, the button clicks are nice (though I would have preferred crispier clicks, but that’s also personal preference), the weight of the mouse is evenly distributed, and the build quality is great.

I didn’t have any kind of rattling with my copy of the mouse as well, but when I placed it down quickly, I could feel the top of the mouse reverberating from the force. That was the minor annoyance that I mentioned earlier. I don’t know what is the cause of this, but if you are sensitive to these things, you may also find it annoying.

Coming from a 60g mouse, using the 75g G303 Shroud Edition didn’t feel any heavier, probably due to the its well-distributed weight.

The wireless connectivity is also great, with no dropouts whatsoever, and it feels like a wired mice, which we are all accustomed to for Logitech’s wireless gaming mice these days.

The mouse also has a little compartment at the back to house the USB wireless dongle, if you are planning to transport your device around.

Also, Logitech has FINALLY decided to start using USB-C for wired connectivity and for charging the mouse. Better late than never.

The back compartment on the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)
The back compartment on the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)

Final thoughts

All in all, I have no regrets purchasing the G303 Shroud Edition. I initially only wanted to get the mouse to try it out, to compare the differences between the old G303 and the new Shroud Edition, but I totally didn’t expect it to replace my daily driver.

The last Logitech mouse shape that I really liked was the G Pro Wired/G102/G203/G305 (please fix your naming schemes, Logitech).

I couldn’t even aim well with the G Pro Wireless and its Superlight variant, so I thought all hope was lost for me when it came to Logitech’s mice shapes.

I am now proven wrong. The build quality of the G303 Shroud Edition is great, it now uses USB-C, it is (subjectively) light, and its stock feet are good.

The price is a little on the exorbitant side though, with the mouse retailing at US$129 and S$209.

It may be slightly cheaper than the retail price of the G Pro Wireless Superlight, but then again, you can find a lot of other wireless gaming mice from other brands for cheaper prices like the Glorious Model O or the Razer Viper Ultimate.

However if you think this is the shape for you, it is a pretty good buy.

I would do the usual “please try this mouse before you buy it” shtick, but that’s pretty impossible for us in SEA at the time of this writing because the only place you can purchase it is on Logitech’s Lazada store.

But hey, if you are reading this from a time and era that has this mouse available everywhere to purchase, yes, please try it before you buy it, because it is truly a unique shape.

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