Rick Stein shares tour details after saying he's 'not going to last much longer'

The TV chef also has a new television show, Rick Stein's Food Stories

OXFORD, ENGLAND - MARCH 24:  Rick Stein, chef and television presenter, at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival on March 24, 2018 in Oxford, England.  (Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images)
Rick Stein has a new show and a new tour. (Getty Images)

What did you miss?

Rick Stein has unveiled a new TV show and is set to tour after worrying fans with a comment about how he was “not going to last that much longer”.

The TV chef, 77, had heart surgery last year and opened up to The Times about it earlier this month. He said that he was feeling “optimistic” following the op but that at his age “and with the normal realities of life” he may not have a lot of time left.

However, Stein clearly hasn’t let thoughts of his mortality put off him planning for the future, with the star unveiling a new TV show, Rick Stein's Food Stories, and announcing a theatre tour.

What, how, and why?

Speaking on The One Show, he said he was hitting the road for a string of shows and had surprised himself with his connection with an audience.

Rick Stein is going on a theatre tour. (BBC screengrab)
Rick Stein is going on a theatre tour. (BBC screengrab)

“I'm doing a little theatre tour, about 14 places all up and down the country," he said. “I'm sort of like, quite good at holding an audience. I’m surprised really, being a chef.

"I think what I do is I just tell stories about what it's like doing TV programmes. You know, I can have chats with you about what goes on behind the scenes and occasionally the crew appear in my programmes and it’s sort of bringing people in.”

What else did Rick Stein say?

Stein also opened up about his Food Stories show, which started on Monday (12 February) He explained that he set out to see what people were eating these days.

“I started off with this idea that there is no such thing as sort of British food any more,” he said.

“We all know classics like fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, Yorkshire pudding, roast beef but actually what we are eating is so different. If you look at the top 10 dishes in the country most of them aren’t what we would call British at all. Things like chicken Tikka Masala, pizza, we are looking all over the place for food really.

“So I just thought I would go on this journey around the country, just picking up on what people are eating.”

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