Riz Ahmed joins cast of Wes Anderson's new movie

Riz Ahmed has a role in the new movie from Wes Anderson credit:Bang Showbiz
Riz Ahmed has a role in the new movie from Wes Anderson credit:Bang Showbiz

Riz Ahmed has landed a part in Wes Anderson's latest film.

The 41-year-old actor is to feature in the acclaimed director's untitled new project that is currently shooting in Berlin.

Plot details have not been disclosed but the movie is expected to be a typical Anderson ensemble piece with many of his usual collaborators – although it will be the first time that Riz has worked with the 'Asteroid City' helmer.

Benicio Del Toro and Bill Murray both feature in the cast of the project along with Michael Cera – another working with the filmmaker for the first time.

The picture has a script from Anderson and Roman Coppola, who has worked with the director on five previous movies, and had been set to start production late last year before the Hollywood strikes caused a delay.

Meanwhile, Riz recently revealed how the work of legendary director Martin Scorsese had a lasting impact on him as films such as 'Goodfellas' had family themes that struck a chord even though he was from a different background to the characters.

The 'Sound of Metal' star told the Metro newspaper: "I think the amazing thing about stories is that you can feel really 'seen' and understood, even by watching characters who don't look anything like you and aren't from anywhere similar to where you're from.

"I certainly felt that in a massive way watching Martin Scorsese's films. Watching 'Goodfellas'. Just something about their sense of duty and family honour taking such a pride of place in those films is something that resonated."

Riz continued: "That's the magic thing about films. Underneath the differences that seemingly separate us, they can excavate a common well of emotion that all share."