Robert De Niro argues Trump has ‘snapped’ in new Biden ad

Robert De Niro argues Trump has ‘snapped’ in new Biden ad

President Biden’s reelection campaign released an ad Friday narrated by actor Robert De Niro that argues that former President Trump is an “unhinged, power-hungry candidate.”

The 30-second ad, titled “Snapped,” is part of the campaign’s $14 million paid media buy for May and will run on general market television and digital platforms across battleground states, as well as on national cable television.

“From midnight tweets, to drinking bleach, to tear-gassing citizens and staging a photo-op, we knew Trump was out of control when he was president, and then he lost the 2020 election and snapped. Desperately trying to hold on to power. Now he’s running again, this time threatening to be a dictator, to terminate the Constitution,” De Niro says in the ad.

It includes a clip from Trump saying that if he doesn’t get elected, it will be a “blood bath.”

Trump first made the blood bath remark in the context of a speech about auto imports, arguing Biden’s reelection would hurt that sector. He later used it again to describe the border situation.

“Trump wants revenge, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it,” De Niro said.

The campaign says the ad outlines the difference between Biden and Trump ahead of November’s election.

“This ad lays out the clear contrast voters will see a month from now when Trump stands on the debate stage next to Joe Biden: Trump is running to regain power for himself, Joe Biden is running to serve you, the American people,” Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said.

The Biden campaign’s ongoing focus on battleground states comes as a new Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll this week found Trump is leading Biden by 4 points in multiple of those key states.

Biden is trailing Trump by 1.1 percentage points nationally, according to an aggregation of polls from Decision Desk HQ/The Hill.

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