Robert De Niro Drops Single F-Bomb To Devastating Effect In Latest Attack On Trump

Robert De Niro is no stranger to dropping F-bombs and harsh truths when it comes to former President Donald Trump.

But in a new interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, the Oscar-winning actor offered a more somber analysis (involving just one curse word) to make his predictions of a potential second Trump presidency even more chilling.

De Niro — who has previously called Trump “so fucking stupid,” “a fucking moron,” “evil” and a con man— described the presumptive GOP presidential nominee as “genuinely a sick person who somehow has been allowed into our system.”

“I’m tired of calling him names,” he told Ruhle. “He just can’t be anywhere near the office of the presidency.”

De Niro said he would never portray Trump because there’s “not one redeeming thing in him that I can see, ever, ever.”

“It’s fucking scary. Excuse my French,” he said, lobbing the single F-bomb of the chat.

President Joe Biden is “the right guy,” and “we don’t have a choice, and I say that in a very good way,” said De Niro. Biden should “keep up the fight” and “go at him hard” because “people take notice of that stuff.”

Watch the full interview here: