Rocket League meets Star Wars in this limited-time Mandalorian crossover event

 Rocket League x Star Wars crossover.
Rocket League x Star Wars crossover.

Psyonix has revealed a brand-new crossover event for Rocket League inspired by The Mandalorian Disney+ series.

The Star Wars collaboration, which went live today (February 7) and is running until February 21, is a limited-time event called Mandalorian Mayhem and features an array of unique challenges themed around the TV series with rewards inspired by its most iconic characters.

For completing the challenges, players can earn the "This is the Way" Player Title and four Player Banners featuring characters including Boba Fett and Bo Katan. They can also earn Toppers for their vehicles, like Din Djarin's jetpack and helmet, and Grogu in his floating crib.

There's also a Paz Vizsla Dominus Decal up for grabs alongside a Darksaber Boost inspired by the Darksaber wielded by Din Djarin and Bo Katan in the TV series. Players can earn a Golden Moon (an event crate) by completing one of the harder challenges on offer, like playing 20 online matches. This can be done up to five times, which means players can earn five Golden Moons in total.

Opening these Golden Moons up in the inventory will unlock items from the Velocity, Elevation, or Overdrive Series. A separate challenge - 'Win 10 Online Matches' - will reward 20,000XP each time as well.

Alongside an Armorer Player Banner, which can be claimed for free in the Free Item tab in-game, there are a bunch of brand-new bundles on offer in the in-game store, including:

Bo-Katan Pack (500 credits)

  • Bo-Katan Kryze Octane Decal

  • Nite Owl Wheels

Armorer Pack (500 credits) 

  • The Armorer Breakout Decal

  • Mythosaur Wheels

Din Djarin Pack (500 Credits)

  • Din Djarin Fennec Decal

  • Mudhorn Wheels

Boba Fett Pack (500 Credits)

  • Boba Fett Octane Decal

  • Boba Fett Wheels

Goal Explosion Pack (1,200 Credits)

  • Whistling Birds Goal Explosion

  • Seismic Charge Goal Explosion

For 2,000 Credits, players can purchase the Mandalorian Mega Bundle containing every Decal, Wheel, and Goal Explosion from the previously mentioned five packs, plus the Din Djarin Player Banner and "Mandalorian" Player Title.

For 2,500 Credits, the Mandalorian Mega Bundle + Fennec will offer everything in the Mega Bundle as well as Fennec Car Body.

Psyonix also confirmed that with The Mandalorian event comes a new 3v3 limited-time mode called G-Force Frenzy, which features an unlimited boost that is "five times its usual power."

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